Return Policy

(Last update on May 20, 2018)

General Information

At ClarTech we want you to be 100% happy with the courses, that’s why we give you the option to request a refund of the amount if you consider that the course does not turn out to be what you expected.

We offer a 7-day return policy. During this first week of the course, you can claim a refund.


  • To receive a refund, you must write to with the reasons why you want the refund before 7 calendar days from the purchase of the course. From the eighth day, which is when the course will be released, it will not be possible to demand a refund. We do this to protect the intellectual content of the course.

  • No refund will be provided after 7 days from the start of any course. All refunds are guaranteed after all requested items are shipped to our support team.

In addition to the reasons in writing, it will be necessary to attach:


  • If there are exercises, send the exercises from module 1 completed

  • Having seen all the videos.

Returns are only accepted for those cases in which the student finds that the content and dynamics of the course do not fit – or do not like -. So the student must be able to demonstrate that he has been completing it.


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