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General information

What is ClarTech Academy?

ClarTech Solutions Inc , incorporates ClarTech Academy which is a resource for anyone who is interested in developing professionally. You can improve your knowledge and skills in technology anywhere and anytime with online video lessons and downloadable resources that accompany the development of the courses, providing the student with exclusive and quality material from our expert instructors. Stay tuned for new courses and free content as we build our offering with each new instructor who joins our team.

How can I access the lessons?

It is very easy … Select the course you would like to take and then create your user profile. After completing your profile and going through the payment for those courses that have a cost, you can click on your course for immediate access.

How can I get help using ClarTech Academy?

Please send us a message through the contact form below. We will do our best to assist you with anything related to the site and the unique, high-quality lessons offered at ClarTech Academy.


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