Clarisa Maman Orfali has an extraordinary ability to simplify computer concepts which allow her to develop a conference where the participant can understand the most complex concepts without any problem.

First Session of APEX in Spanish Office Hours

Meet and interact with the Spanish speaking APEX community.

Eight developers from different countries told us about their experience and work with APEX.
 0:00 Presentation and introductory speech​
11:00 Jorge Rimblas’s experiences
24:00 Clarisa Maman Orfali’s experiences
39:12 Amir Perez’s experiences
50:00 Adrian Filomeni’s experiences
1:04:00 Claudia Acosta y Lilian Riveros’s experiences
1:15:00 Enrique Flores’s experiences
1:23:00 Erik Espinoza’s experiences
1:41:00 Juan Lopez’s experiences

Globalization: Creation of Multilanguage Applications (Spanish)

Introduction to Oracle APEX 5.0 (Spanish)

Print PDF in APEX 5.0 with PL-jrxml2pdf (Spanish)

Knowing the New Features of Oracle APEX 5.0 (Spanish)


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